Project management software

Project Management Software is a web based tool that help to manage projects such as Integrated Calendars, Report Generators, Scheduling, Multiple Projects and Tasks, Files Upload, Tracking, Prioritizing, etc. Project Management System is a simple tool that help managers and the team members successfully plan, manage and execute the different tasks involved in each project.

Why Use a Project Management Software

Online Project Management Software Tool which increases the effectiveness of your work and the happiness of your clients by making the workflow fully transparent to them. Web Based Project Management centralizes complete project information on to a single server that tracks all the work being done. As a result every member of the team can access to the requisite info anytime. Task Management Software is designed to make Project Management easier and even more cost-efficient; Task Management Software is interactive and responsive Tool that runs on the computer as either a single user or may be shared by a group of Project Managers.

Project Management Tools available that help you to organize your business better collaborate more effectively, plan and track projects comprehensively and IT Project Management capabilities will enable organizations to support their business processes in a Simple, but Effective manner.

How can iManageProject help you

Better Communication:
-    Open discussion and clear communication
-    Facilitates centralized discussion avoiding scattered email exchange
-    Respond to any message easily.
-    Customizable Real-Time Email notification on the latest messages, comments and activities
-    Online Chat facility

Easy File Sharing:
-    Share any type of project related document.
-    Attach files to to-do lists, milestones and messages
-    Update the latest version of files.
-    Get a sneak peek of any graphical files attached.

Save Time with Reusable Templates:
-    Set common to-do lists, milestones and messages.
-    Use templates on as many projects as you want.

On-time Delivery:
-    Schedule milestones
-    Assign to-dos and set deadlines
-    Keep track of the time spent on each assigned to-do and scheduled milestone.

No software Required:
-    iManageProject does not require any software to be downloaded or installed. iManageProject doesn't require signing up for a third party software.

Unlimited Users:
-    All the plans including "Free Account" allows unlimited users. You can add as many team members, clients, contractors as you want. Overall, iManageProject is one of the best online project management tools.

Best Free Online Project Management Software:
-    The free account provided by iManageProject is the most powerful and feature complete plan from all the web based project management systems on the internet.

Overview of your Project
To-do Lists
Do things fast and easy
Schedule Project Phases
File sharing
Share Files easily
Time Tracking
Track each hour spent
Chat, comment, send messages and lots more
Email notifications
Receive email alerts or reply back through email.
Collaborate easy with writeboards

Effective Management

iManageProject helps teams to efficiently manage projects with a powerful application.

Improve Collaboration

It's never been easier for team members to collaborate using iManageProject.

Intuitive Interface

iManageProject provides an easy-to-use web interface.

Unlimited Users

Any iManageProject subscription allows an unlimited number of users in the team.