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Dashboard allows you to see all significant items for all projects at a glance. You can view a complete summary of scheduled milestones, assigned to-dos, late milestones, open issues, recent messages, comment on messages, content on writeboards, latest files shared etc. iManageProject auto generates the latest activities performed in the profile. Dashboard shows the latest activities on up to 5 projects. View all the activities performed by you, your team members and clients in the last 14 days.

Global Feed

Global RSS feed allows you to subscribe to all your projects via RSS. RSS feed is updated everytime a new to-do is added or a new message or comment is posted, a file is uploaded, or a milestone is completed. It helps you to stay updated on the major activity across all your projects.

Global iCalendar

You can subscribe to iCalendar from the Dashboard. It subscribes to all the milestones of a project and also avoids the tedious task of subscribing to each project’s feeds individually. iCalendar, an open standard allows different calendars to share information.

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