iManageProject News
Jan 2011
iManageProject – Public Beta Launch

iManageProject, a project management and collaboration tool is ready for its public beta launch.

This new tool allows easy collaboration among team members, clients and contractors. iManageProject makes managing all projects and project resources through a single, web-based solution.

Project managers can initiate dynamic collaboration through assigning to-dos and milestones while the team members can consistently stay updated with the latest information.

Easy overview of the project helps all the team members and project managers to catch the glimpse of the project. You can share files and work towards getting projects completed with others within or outside your company. You can receive email notification for each activity performed or you can reply to comments, messages and file uploads from your inbox itself. iManageProject also helps you create project templates saving time and effort by using the template for similar projects.

If you are interested in learning more before trying it out yourself, take a tour of its features. You can also sign up for a free trial and try it for a project with 1 GB storage space and unlimited users. Click here to check the prices and plans available on iManageProject, one of the best online project management tools.