iManageProject News
Oct 2010
iManageProject project management and collaboration tool ready for private beta testing

iManageProject ( today announced the beginning of private beta testing for its much anticipated project management tool. iManageProject is inviting users all over the world to make use of this tool to simplify managing their projects and team collaboration.

Beyond testing iManageProject tool, tester will get to experience all the major features of the tool including the chat feature that allows users to communicate with each other in real time. Users will be able to purchase the tool directly from the website.

iManageProject, a project collaboration tool promises reduced rate compared to other project management tools available. iManageProject software is easy to use and does not require any software installation. The extras are available in all plans and are not commercial.

Features of iManageProject include:

1.    Task Management – Milestones and to-do list makes it easy to define project phases, create tasks and assigning them as well as tracking the progress.
2.    File Sharing – Users can upload and share just any type of files, images, documents, presentations, designs etc.
3.    Collaboration – Users can collaborate through writeboards, which are similar to word documents except the team members can write together on them
4.    Projects – You can archive projects that are not in use. You can also set project permission.
5.    Notifications – Receive email notification of team members regarding tasks, to-dos, messages, comments etc. You can directly reply to all of this through email.
6.    Time tracking – Time tracking makes it easy to report all your billable hours.

iManageProject has free 30 day trial on all the plans. One can also sign up for a free account with 1 project, 1 GB of storage and the same features as other plans. Monthly subscription plans start at $10 per month and run up to $80 per month.

Since this is a Beta program, we’re looking for users to give feedback, help improve the overall product, and build the optimal purchase experience.