iManageProject News
Sep 2010
iManageProject tool development completion

A leading software company, Outside Software Inc. has announced completion of its project management and collaboration tool, iManageProject. The software has completed its final phase of development and has started its private beta testing.


iManageProject is an ideal tool for professionals in search of project management, collaboration and scheduling elements. It simplifies project management with the introduction of color-coded projects. iManageProject also features integrated to-do lists, dashboards, milestones and time tracking. With iManageProject, users can share files, work on online collaboration tools, communicate through writeboards and message boards. To-do list and milestone information can be exported in CSV or iCalendar formats. Email notifications can be set by users for variety of activities. Users can also comment on a message, to-do list or a milestone via email. The chat feature allows users to communicate among each other in real time. Project template feature allows users to save time.

The software has 4 paid plans and a free plan. The paid plans have more space and more project storage capacity whereas the free account allows only 1 project with 1 GB space. The free account however has all other features like time tracking, file sharing, unlimited users and enhanced security feature. All paid accounts have 30 day free trial period. One can sign up for a basic plan for as low as $10 per month with 20 projects capacity and 10 GB storage space. The premium, corporate and enterprise costs $20, $40 and $80 per month respectively. The enterprise plan is for a larger group of users who need to manage more than 100 projects. The enterprise plan provides unlimited projects capacity with 100 GB space.

iManageProject is simple to use and is ideal for less experienced software users to easily get acquainted with its comprehensive features.