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No, there is no feature available to create recurring milestones. You have to enter it manually each time.


iManageProject lets you track milestones but does not have a formal calendar. Milestones are displayed in list format with late items at the top, upcoming items listed next, and completed items listed at the bottom.


No, milestones cannot be made private. The milestones are visible to anyone associated with it.


No, currently you can make templates only for the To-do List.


Yes, you can choose to send email reminder 48 hours before it is due. To send email reminder you have to enter the project.
i.     Click on the “New Milestone” link or “Add new Milestone” button.
ii.    Click on the due date from the calendar.
iii.   Check the box on the left of “Email now & 48 hours before it is due”

iv.    Click on the “Create This Milestone” button.


Yes, you can easily add comments and files on milestones.
i.    Hover over a milestone. Click on the comment   icon. Milestones that have already been commented on will have Dark Grey comment icon 

ii.     You can add comment and also attach files.
iii.    To attach files, click on the “Attach Files” button.
iv.    Click on “Add This Comment” button to add the comment and the attached files.



To only see the milestones assigned to you, on the Dashboard, Click on the “Milestones Tab”

You can also view the milestones assigned to someone else. At the top right, select the person or choose to view the milestones of everyone.



To assign a milestone to someone else:
i.     Click on the “Milestones” Tab.
ii.    Click on the “Add New Milestone” Button. You can also add 10 milestones at a time.

iii.    From the option “Who is Responsible”, select the person you want to assign the milestone to.

iv.    Click on “Create This Milestone”.


You can only select a single date for milestones. No time or date range is available on Milestones.


No, you cannot move multiple milestones at once.


Yes, you can subscribe to all milestones at once by clicking the “Global iCalendar” feed at the bottom of the Dashboard. You can also subscribe to projects individually by going into a project, clicking the Milestones tab, and clicking the “Subscribe to iCalendar” link in the sidebar.

The advantage to subscribing to individual iCalendars is that your calendar program may allow you to color code each project’s iCalendar differently. The global iCalendar file will list all events in the same color since all the events are part of one big calendar.


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