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Email notifications are sent when any new comment or message is posted. This helps people stay up to date on message threads via email. Anyone who posts a new message or comments on a message gets subscribed to that message automatically. All the subscribed members get email notification each time someone else posts a new comment on that message.
To notify people about your messages:
i.    Scroll down to section “Subscribe People”.
ii.    Select the users that you want to be notified.



Yes, you can add others to the email notification after it has been posted.
i.    Click on the “Edit this message” link.

ii.    Scroll to “Subscribe people” section.
iii.    Select the people you want to send notification to.
iv.    Select the option “Yes, notify the subscribers about the above changes” under Notify the selected people about the changes.
v.    Click on “Update This Message”


If you do not want to receive email notifications, you can unsubscribe from a message.
i.    Click on the “Messages” tab.


ii.    Click on the message you wish to unsubscribe.


iii.    On the right side click on “Unsubscribe” link next to your name.



No, you cannot format the messages. You can format the content of the comment from the format tool bar.



For attaching files on existing message, click on Edit this message. On new message or existing one:
i.     Scroll to the bottom, click on “Attach Files” button 

ii.    Browse and choose the file you want to upload.
iii.   To add more files click on “Attach more files” button


iv.   To change the file attached click on “Choose Files” button 

v.    Save Changes.


Yes, you can post a message to a project directly from your email without logging to your iManageProject account. You can send a message from your desktop, web-based email client or mobile phone which will be posted right to iManageProject as a message.

Each project has a unique email address assigned and each user gets a unique email address. This makes iManageProject know which project you want to post the message to and who’s posting the message.

To email a message to iManageProject:
i.      Go into a project.
ii.     Click on Messages tab.
iii.    Check the sidebar at the bottom of list of categories, click on the link that says: “Post a message via email”.


iv.    You will be directed to a dialog page that provides your own unique email address for the project, along with details on how the feature works.

You can use this email address to post a message to that project.

Note: each project and user has unique inbound email addresses. The email address provided should not be shared with anyone else. Every member on your project will see their own email address when they click the “Post a message via email” link. In case the email address gets spammed, you can generate a new one by clicking on “Generate a new email address” link on the dialog page (Check the diagram above).



Yes, you can reply to messages via email. To comment on messages you receive, simply reply to the message above the “Reply ABOVE THIS LINE to add a comment to this message” message.  Anything typed above the sentence will be posted back to the message as a comment.


Associating a message with milestone will place a link to the message below the milestone you select.

To associate a message with a milestone:
i.    Post a new message or edit an existing one.
ii.    On the right side choose the milestone you wish to associate the message with, below the “Related Milestone” section.


Private messages and private to-do lists are the ones that cannot be viewed by your clients. They can be seen by the members of your team and by contractors. Clients will see no reference to the messages or to-do lists. This function helps you share sensitive information within your team without worrying about clients accessing this information.
Private messages and To-do lists have a small red “PRIVATE” item badge  on top right of the item.


Yes, iManageProject allows HTML to be used into a message.


Global categories cannot be seen for the existing projects. The Global category will be shown for the projects created after a new global category has already been added.

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