iManageProject Help and Support system:

As an admin, you can provide access to anyone to any project or keep anyone from seeing selected projects.
For tweaking the permission settings log on to your project.
i.    Click on the “People and Permission” tab.


ii.    Click on the “Add People, Remove People and Change Permission” link.


iii.    Select the people you want to give access to.


iv.    Only the ones selected will have access to the project.


Yes, phone support is available for Corporate and Enterprise accounts during our business hours.

(The business hours are from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM GMT)


You can customize the layout/color scheme of your iManageProject Project management tool. You can customize the colors or select from the number of color schemes available. You can also add your company logo or picture of the team members.

However, customizing iManageProject according to your need is not available at the moment.


To set up chat with your team members and clients you need to enable chat on your projects. To do that you need to go to the “Dashboard”
i.    Click on the “Settings” tab.


ii.    Click on the “Chat Settings” link on top right.


iii.    Select “Yes, Enable Chat” option.


iv.    Enter any project you will be able to see the “Chat” tab on upper right menu. Click there and enter an existing room or create a new chat room.
v.     You will be able to chat with other members or the client if they are logged in at the same time.




To  change the time zone in iManageProject:
i.     Go to the “Dashboard”.
ii.    Click on the “All People” tab.


iii.    Find the company/ client you want to change the Time zone for and click on the “edit” link.


iv.    Select the appropriate time zone from the “Time zone” pull down menu.


Currently, iManageProject is only available in English and Spanish. We are introducing multiple language functionality soon.


No, currently iManageProject cannot be installed on your server. We are introducing In-house account soon to our customers which will have all the features of installing the project management tool on your server.


Only, an account owner can export the data in HTML or XML format.

i.     Click on the “Account (Upgrade / Invoices)” Tab.

ii.    Scroll to the bottom right to find two export options.
iii.   The first one is the HTML export and the second one is XML export.

iv.   Click on the link to request the export you want.
v.    Your request will go into a processing queue and as soon as your export is ready, you’ll receive an email with a link to download it.



Yes, your data is backed up daily and mirrored to multiple disks. A full backup recovery can be performed in the event of a system-wide emergency.


We take all necessary measures to keep your data safe and secure. Our redundant server cluster is hosted and professionally managed by Fasthosts Inc., UK. They have ultimate security in climate controlled environment with uninterrupted power supply.

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Try searching the Help section or browse the Top iManageProject FAQs.


You can also submit a support request via email. We’ll get back to you within a few hours.