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Yes, time tracking is available on Basic, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise and Free plans.


No, the clients or people in other companies cannot view the time tracking tab. This is only available to the people in your own company.


Can we add time from the Dashboard or do we need to go into a project to add time?

No, in order to enter any data in a project you need to open that project first. You’ll see the Time tab. Click that tab and you can enter time tracking data for that project.


iManageProject does not have a stopwatch or timer. However, you can add “track time” option on your To-do List.


i.    Click the “To-Do” tab.


ii.    Hover to the list you want to enable time tracking for. Click on the “Edit” button


iii.    Check on box next to “Allow us to track time spent on this to-do list”


iv.    A clock icon   appears at the left of the lists that have “Track Time”





No, you cannot import time tracking data. You can export your data in CSV format by clicking on "Export" button at the bottom of your Time tracking report.

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