iManageProject Help and Support system:

i.    Click on the “To-Do” tab.


ii.    There is an “Add Item” button at the end of each To do list. Click on the button and enter the details.



Private messages and private to-do lists are the ones that cannot be viewed by your clients. They can be seen by the members of your team and by contractors. Clients will see no reference to the messages or to-do lists. This function helps you share sensitive information within your team without worrying about clients accessing this information.

Private messages and To-do lists have a small red “PRIVATE” item badge on top right of the item.

i.    To make a new list private, select the “Make this list private” checkbox. You can also make an existing list private too. Just roll your mouse over the list title and click on the red “Edit” link that appears to the left. Then select the private checkbox.

ii.    To make an existing list private. Click on the “Edit” button   that appears when you hover your mouse on the list. Click on the “Make this list private. Visible only to (Your Company)”.



To-dos are intended for minor things that need to get done eventually where as Milestones have distinct dates.

Milestones let you track larger items in a project like who’s responsible, when is it due, and what to-dos are still due.

To-do lists on the other hand let you make lists, assign responsibility, add items, due dates and check off items once done.


Relating a to-do list to a milestone will help you see the pending to-do’s related to a particular milestone.

You can relate a new to-do list to a Milestone by choosing the appropriate milestone from the pull-down below “Does this list relate to a milestone?”. For the existing to-do list click on edit button    , from the pull-down below “Does this list relate to a milestone?” select the milestone you want to relate to.




To reorder items or lists or to move items between lists:
i.    Click on the “Reorder Lists” Tab.

ii.    Click and drag the item you want to move. Move up or down to the location you want

iii.    You can also move items between lists by dragging and moving it from one list to another.


iv.    Click on the “Done reorder lists” link.


You cannot explicitly prioritize your to-do lists. Nevertheless, you can re-order the list according to its priority. For example: put the most important to-do items at the top of the list and reorder putting the least important at the bottom.


Click the "Add an item" link at the bottom of a to-do list. Enter the to-do item and who's responsible (that's optional). Then click on the box “When’s due”, choose the date you want from the calendar that pops up. Click on the “Add Item” button.


On the To-do list, hover to the title of the list you want to delete. You will see a Trash Can icon   on the left. Click and confirm it to delete it permanently. Note that once you delete a list you cannot get it back.


iManageProject lists are one-level lists and does not allow hierarchal to-do lists, sub tasks or dependencies. However, there is no limit in creating lists. You can make as many lists as you want, Any amount of items can be added to those lists.


After creating a list, if you do not add any items to it, it will be marked as complete. In order to add an item to the list, click on the name of the list and click on the “Add an Item” button.


You can create To-Do List Templates to save time and typing by creating frequently used to-do lists which can be added easily to any project. The templates are available for any projects. To create a template:
i.    Click on the “Templates” tab next to settings.


ii.    Click on the “New to do template” link.



Yes, you can add files & comments on To-Dos.
i.    Add an item to a To-Do list.
ii.    Hover to the to-do list and click on the comment icon


iii.    You can then comment and attach files to the To-Do list



i.    Click the “To-Do” tab.


ii.    Hover to the list you want to enable time tracking for. Click on the “Edit” button


iii.    Check on box next to “Allow us to track time spent on this to-do list”


iv.    A clock icon appears at the left of the lists that have “Track Time”


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