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Global RSS feed allows you to subscribe to all your projects via RSS. Global iCalendar allows you to subscribe to all the milestones in your projects in iCalendar format. Subscribing to RSS feed and iCalendar avoids the hassle of subscribing to each project’s feeds individually.

RSS is the best way to stay on top of the major activity across all your projects. Whenever a new message or comment is posted, a new to-do added, a milestone completed, or a file uploaded, your RSS feed will be updated. This means you don’t have to keep logging into iManageProject to see if there’s anything new.

Your RSS feed is protected and authenticated by your own unique username and password (the same one you use to log into your account). Your RSS reader will prompt you to enter your username and password to update your feed. You’ll need to use a newsreader that supports RSS authentication. Do not share your RSS feed with anyone — each person in your iManageProject account has their own special RSS feed.

Why would I want to subscribe to my iCalendar feed?
iCalendar is an open standard that allows different calendars to share information. If you use a desktop or web-based calendar that can subscribe to iCalendar feeds, you’ll be able to view your iManageProject milestones alongside all your other calendar items. Here’s a list of iCalendar-compatible calendar programs. Do not share your iCalendar feed with anyone — each person in your iManageProject account has their own special iCalendar feed.

Important security note about web-based RSS newsreaders and calendars
You should not subscribe to your RSS or iCalendar feed with a web-based feed reader or calendar that doesn’t guarantee your feeds are kept private (otherwise other people or search engines may be able to see your data). You should confirm your feed will be kept private with the company that provides your newsreader or calendar service.


To-dos, Milestones and Time tabs let you see a list of those respective items across all projects, You can view them all or can see the items belonging to an individual or a company.


The items on the dashboard are generated automatically. These items are the recent activities, so there is no way to remove them or prevent them from showing up. When new activities are performed they cycle off.


The Dashboard shows nearly 100% of the changes made to a project. However, occasionally a change may not show up in the log. The changes you made did occur, but it is just not showing up.


RSS lets you subscribe to specific content feeds and aggregate this information in one place to be read when you’re ready. If you’re curious, you can read more on RSS.

To read an RSS Feed you’ll need newsreader software like NetNewsWire (for the Mac) or FeedDemon (for the PC). Once you have your RSS newsreader software, you can copy the URL/address for one of your iManageProject RSS feeds and paste that URL into the subscription option of your newsreader (note: some news readers, like NetNewsWire, lets you just drag a link directly into the program to add the news feed). You’ll now be subscribed to that RSS feed, and depending on how often you’ve set your newsreader to refresh the feeds, you’ll be kept up to date on your projects without having to log into iManageProject.

iManageProject lets you subscribe to a project’s RSS feed or your global (all projects) RSS feed. You will then be notified any time someone posts a message, comment, or file, or adds or completes a to-do item or milestone to a project.

To subscribe to a project’s RSS feed, go to the project’s “Overview” tab and click the “Project RSS Feed” link at the bottom of the page.

To subscribe to your global (all projects) RSS feed, go to your Dashboard and click the link that says “Global RSS Feed” at the bottom of the page.



No, the “Latest Activity” block only shows the last 5 recently updated projects. It shows the last 5 changes in those projects. You cannot view more than 5 recently updated projects and 5 recent changes.


On the Dashboard you can only view the 14 day due milestones. To view more dates click on the “Milestones”

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