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Yes, you can create a to-do list template.
i.     Go to Dashboard
ii.    Click on “Templates” Tab


iii.    You can select to create “New to do template”

  iv.    Fill the Template Form and create the list.


iManageProject does not allow creating sub-projects. But there is a friendly alternative that will work around this functionality. Create a new company and make it the “Primary Company" for the various projects that you want to group together.
i.    Click on the “All People” Tab.


ii.    Now click on the “Add a new company” link.


iii.    Instead of adding a company name, name it with the category or “area” you want to create. For example: You can create a company named “Accounts”.


iv.    Do not add any user to this company.
v.    From the Dashboard go to a project that falls under the category “Account”.
vi.    Click the “People & Permissions” tab, and click the link to add the “Account” company you just created to the project.


vii.    Click on the “Add People, Remove People, Change Permission” link


viii.    Click on the “Add another company to this Project” link.


ix.    Select the company you want to associate the project with


x.    Doing this will list your project under the company name helping you group your project under one category and make them easy to access in one place.



In order to add a person to a project, you need to add their company first.
i.    Go to Project and Click the “People & Permission” tab.


ii.    Click on “Add New Company” Link. Enter the name of the company you are going to add. Click on “Create Company” button.

iii.    Click on “Add Person” Link. Enter the details of the person you are going to add.

iv. Click on the "Add This Person" Button


Projects in iManageProject are attached to a primary company. These projects are listed under the primary company's name on the Dashboard and in the project switcher.

To change the primary company, you first need to make sure there are multiple companies on the project. If not, you need to add another company to the project before you can make it the primary company. For details on how to add a company, read this FAQ: How do I add a person or company to a project?

If there are two or more companies on the project, you can change the primary company:
i.    Enter the project you want to change the primary company for.
ii.    Click the “Project Settings” link on top right


iii.    Scroll to the title “Select the primary company for this project” and select the company you want.


•    If the project has only one company, then it will be listed under that company (Your Company).
•    If the project has two companies (Your Company and Other Company), it will be listed under the name of the second company (Other Company).
•    If the project has more than two companies, it will be listed under the primary company’s name which can be set from the Settings Tab.



In order to rename your project, you need to go to the project.

i. Click on the "Project Settings" link on top right


ii.    Scroll to the section “Project Name”. Change the name of the Project

iii. Click on the "Save Settings" button.


Deleting a project deletes everything related to the project permanently. The process is irreversible and hence you need to take caution before you delete a Project.
i.    Go to Dashboard and Click on the Project you want to delete.


ii.    On the top right click on the “Project Settings” Link.


iii.    On the right side click on the button “Delete this Project?”.



You can give access to an archived project. In order to do so, you need to open that project:
i.   Click on the "People & Permissions" tab.

ii.  Click on the "Add people, remove people and change permission" link.

iii. Haz clic en el enlace "Nuevo usuario".


A project that is frozen in time and cannot be edited is an archived project. You need to activate the project in order to add, edit or remove anything from the archived projects.

There are 3 main advantages of archiving projects:
i.    Minimize Clutter: Archived project do not take any space on Dashboard, giving cleaner and better to focus on other projects.
ii.    Speed: Having lot of active projects on Dashboard slows down the iManageProject tool. Archiving the projects that you aren’t working on improves speed.
iii.    Savings on Cost: Only the active projects are counted on your total sites.

You can archive a project from Dashboard:
i.    Click on the Project you wish to archive.


ii.    Click on “Project Settings” link on top.


iii.    Scroll to “Project Status”.
iv.    Click on “Archived” option and the “Save Changes” button.




i.    From the Dashboard, click on “Archived projects”.


ii.    Click on the project you want to reopen.
iii.   You will be able to view all the activities related to the project.
iv.    In order to activate it. Go to “Project Settings”.
v.     Scroll to “Project Status” and Click on Active Button. Save the changes you’ve made.



Yes, all the archived projects count toward your account’s file storage. iManageProject does not offer bulk deletion. You have to delete each project individually.

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