iManageProject Help and Support system:

iManageProject does not offer mass downloading. Each file needs to be downloaded manually from each project.


iManageProject does not have any limit on creating categories. You can create as many categories but, creating sub-categories or nested categories is not available. The suggested alternative is to use proper naming convention like “Accounts – Salary Sheet”.


You can upload multiple files at the same time.
i.     After selecting the first file, click the “Attach Files” button again.
ii.    You can also use the “Advance Uploader” to select multiple files at once. You need have Shockwave Flash Player installed for your browser.



The file space given to you depends on your plan. The storage space provided per plan is:
Basic = 10 GB
Premium = 20 GB
Corporate = 50 GB
Enterprise = 100 GB

To view the amount of disk space remaining on your account:
i.    Click on the “Files” tab.


ii.    On the right below the “Image Gallery” button, you will see “File storage usage”. You can see the amount of space you are using and the total space allocated to you according to your plan.


You cannot directly attach a file to a To-do or Milestone. You can
i.    Add comment on a To-Do or a Milestone and attach a file to the comment. To comment hover to the “To-Do” or the “Milestone”, click on the comment button


ii.    You can also upload the file in the “Files” section and link to it inside the comment.


Private files cannot be viewed by your clients. They can be viewed by the members of your team and your contractors. This function helps you share sensitive data among your team and your contractors without clients being able to access them.
To make a file private:
i.    Go to the “Files” Tab


ii.    Click on the “Upload New File” button


iii.    Click on the “Attach Files” button


iv.    Add files you want. Click on the checkbox of “File Privacy”



You can upload multiple versions of the same file and keep them grouped together inside the “Files” tab.
To upload a new version:
i.    Click on the “Files” tab.


ii.    Click on the “Upload new version of this file” link below the file.


iii.    Upload the new version of the file.
iv.    The newest version will be shown and the previous versions will appear below it.


No, iManageProject does not have Check-in and Check-out functionality.


Using the “Advanced Uploader” slows down the upload time. If you are using the Advanced Uploader, change to the “Basic Uploader”.
To switch to the Basic Uploader click on “Switch to the Basic Uploader” when you click the link to upload a file.


Yes, you can only upload up to 2 GB file at a time


No, you need to download the files and edit them locally. After this you can upload the edited files.


Your file size most probably exceeds the file size limit of your subscription type. Click the Files tab and check the  "File storage space" section.


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