About Us

iManageProject is a product of Outside Software Inc. Outside Software Inc. is a Romanian software company created with the intention of providing reliable, high-quality IT services. The members of the team have 5+ years of experience in developing complete web applications, fully scalable database solutions, complex Windows based applications.

We are interested in establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, providing them with all the tools and technology needed to help them grow their business.

Our Vision

iManageProject focuses on features of actual use to organizations rather than fancy bells and whistles. Specifically designed to make project management, task tracking and team collaboration hassle free and straightforward, iManageProject aims to bring the power of professional project management to the web.

iManageProject is accessible anywhere and anytime for the whole project team. Project team can collaborate and communicate on the plan in real time.

For maximum productivity, a project manager needs to delegate the planning and execution of a project plan. Having an online platform with permissions based access gives project managers that ability to empower employees at every level to live and breathe the project. This type of flexibility and visibility is the only way that an entire organization can commit to the deliverables and demands that make modern business successful.

Dynamic companies move beyond the boundaries of their physical office and invite their customers, vendors and suppliers involvement in project activities. The success of the companies depends strongly on how effective they can structure the communication with these external resources.

iManageProject’s SaaS model allows companies to collaborate across offices to get the most out of their resources.

In an age that depends so heavily on information and communication, we must adapt and use the tools that will encourage collaboration and interaction. We can’t hide away from visibility but instead we must trust that the sharing of information at all levels of an organization will deliver best results.

Why iManageProject?

Collaborate with clients or your own team using a powerful, state of the art web-based project management software. iManageProject helps your team to be more efficient putting a stress on communication and collaboration.

Manage your projects better with iManageProject. Use iManageProject to manage projects and teams efficiently, and virtually from anywhere. Projects can be anything, big or small, from business projects to personal hobbies.